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i am so very excited to have these two talented ladies joining us today. their creative style really makes them so very unique, i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

Hello friends of Jen! We are Ashley and Fang Ting, the two Singaporean friends behind ftashion. We are very happy to be doing a guest post for Jen today! Since Christmas is just round the corner, we decided to share two simple DIYs inspired by Christmas angels with all of you. We thought it will be fun to choose the same inspiration (Christmas angels) and see how we interpret it differently in our DIYs. We both wanted simple DIYs that could possibly make a difference to someone's Christmas this year. Think of it as a "gift" from both of us to all of you!
Though we never discussed about our projects, we had similar project inspiration, ANGEL WINGS! (Psst, talk about telepathy). The DIYs projects are really simple so we shall just let the photos do the talking!

Angel wings earrings by Ashley

Homemade wings on tshirt by Fang Ting

Hope you like our Christmas angels inspired DIYs. We'll be thrilled if you hop over to ftashion and check out our other Christmas-related posts! An advance Merry Christmas to all!

Ash and Ft


  1. ftashionDec 6, 2011 04:02 PM
    Thank you Jen for having us here! Have a merry merry DEcember!

    Fang Ting

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