date night: the odd life of timothy green

yesterday the fiancĂ© and i had our usual date night. since i have been working morning and night to ensure that we have a killer honeymoon we don't get to spend as much time together lately. to make sure this doesn't hurt our relationship, especially during the added stress of wedding planning, we make sure to have a date night every week. 

last week, while watching batman for the second time with my parents, we won tickets for an advance screening of disney's the odd life of timothy green. if you've been following this blog for a bit now, then you know that i'm pretty much disney obsessed so we were excited for the movie.

we got there early to make sure we got good seats and after having my purse checked for recording devices, we were in. we love the movies so we were expecting a good one since disney usually has great movies. i had no idea to expect what i saw/experienced. the cast did an excellent job and as usual jennifer garner was instantly lovable. but timothy green stole the show! he was phenomenal and i am not embarrassed to say that i cried a couple of times [mind you i DON'T cry during movies]. if you are a movie fan, have kids or just enjoy the good things in life - go watch the odd life of timothy green this weekend!

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