wedding wednesday [fifteen]

it has been quite a while since i posted a wedding wednesday post. with my own wedding less than 5 months away i wish i could say i was done with the majority of wedding planning, but i cannot. wedding planning was so much more work than i ever expected it to be. the truth is, it is all in the details. all of the little things that you never really thought of as a little girl or an adult, like napkin colors or uplighting. with all of the decisions and choices i have had, i was happy to let my bridesmaids pick their own dresses. i did want them to look similar or at least have some similarities but i was perfectly fine having them be different dresses. i did know that i wanted show-stopping bridesmaids! i didn't want the same old strapless dress, don't get me wrong those are classic and nice, i just wanted elegance and pizzazz! here are a few beauties i drew inspiration from...

what did you/would you 
have your bridesmaids wear?


  1. Those dresses are all gorgeous!! I think the purple one is my favorite :) All my bridesmaids wore different dresses too, I'll email you a pic.

  2. What gorgeous inspiration–and that goodness you got a break from making decisions! One of my closest friends and a bride to be just sent me the dresses she's thinking for us–lace sheaths that are simply gorgeous!

  3. out of the four you've got, i'd want to wear the purple one.


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